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WELCOME TO THE SECURE WEBSITE OF TALKIFWANT. Here you have 24 hour secure access to all practice services, both SYNCHRONOUS and ASYNCHRONOUS!

========= ANNOUNCEMENT =========

As of 8/1/20 the practice is accepting new clients. If you are a resident of Florida, the District of Columbia or Missouri you may schedule to be seen by LaRose.

All sessions are currently offered in virtual server formats (online only for the private practice of LaRose). Office and face to face sessions are not currently offered by LaRose.

LaRose sees clients and all sessions are held remotely: by video, chat, telephone, secure journal sharing and secure email asynchronous sessions! These are services that LaRose has been offering since 2012 in a HIPAA secure platform where clients have 24 hour access to many services. Just login and get started!

Questions? Call my cell and leave a message. I'll get back to you soon.


LaRose is licensed in three US jurisdictions with expanded mental health services, offering non-traditional mental health services to clients in the State of Florida, the District of Columbia and in Missouri. Evening and weekend hours are available, with limited openings - and are scheduled in the secure server. The server will become your personal secure web portal to connect to the practice, synchronously and asynchronously any time! Sessions, online or otherwise must be scheduled by the appointment openings on the calendar.

Because licensing limits the practice of online services, currently online services are offered to MO, DC and FL clients (where licensure is active).

*ALL DC, MO and FL clients* will log in to the secure server, identify what region you are from when prompted, list what service you are seeking (you may choose more than one service), provide various consents, billing information and then schedule now, 24 hours a day!

If you have any questions please call:

Call or text my cell at:
(850) 545-2886

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Mental health services have been and are increasingly moving to the digital era and more and more clients are seeking the convenience of online therapy, with office and onsite options too! It's all here!

Online sessions and online scheduling reduces travel time, waiting room time, phone calls, emails, and contact delays. The online secure portal (yours to use anytime day or night) also allows you to begin without leaving your home (or without putting down your phone, tablet or laptop!) Plus, with an array of online tools for clients—services are enhanced - chatting, video, email therapy and shared journal therapy - you can log in anytime!

And - NO MORE PAPER!! You can email, chat, journal (privately or shared with the therapist), upload files, review shared files from session content and MORE—all in a HIPAA compliant secure platform - accessed 24 hours a day - seven days a week!

To begin, please ---

1) Tell us who you are....
2) Verify your account....
3) Sign in ....
4) Click calendar and schedule your appointment!

Viola! You're done! A reminder text & email message will automatically hit your cell phone and your inbox.

Now - enjoy secure 24 hour scheduling, 24 hour journaling, secure emailing, chat and video sessions, and sharing files as well as reviewing session content - here in the client server!

Why Digital? Electronic Health Records standards are being phased in due to several healthcare changes; EHR is probably something you've seen in many other healthcare professions, beginning in 2011. This office, even though a sole proprietor mental health professional would not necessarily need to be in compliance so soon, was converted to EHR in February 2012. The EHR process may improve confidentiality due to encryption (and yes, it is true that there are secure server risks). Thanks to the technical professionals and expertise of those who partnered to implement this platform, the practice is digitally enhanced. Now, the platform serves as an added service to mental health consumers. It provides improved communication access 24 hours a day, self scheduling, secure journaling, secure emailing, and the ability to download, review and access shared graphics, dry erase images, and touch screen session content. Combining traditional services delivery, with online video, chat, text & voicemail appointment reminders -- all of these services will improve the service and benefits from this office.

Video sessions, Chat Sessions, Journal based sessions, secure emailing, as well as Face-to-Face Office Sessions (face to face options are not currently available) make mental health services increasingly accessible. With online options, clients living in Missouri, DC and Florida (you must b a resident of one of these states/jurisdictions for me to treat you) literally millions of residents could find online service options today.

I've been treating clients in private practice since 2005 (and online options began here in 2010).
I look forward to assisting you as well!

Want more information about setting up an online, secure, digitally encrypted, HIPAA Compliant profile?

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===> https://talkifuwant.com/appointments <===

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Feb. 5 2012 | Announcement | Tallahassee Florida |

"I'm excited to be Leon County's first mental health private practitioner to go live with this secure fully functional online platform! I think the technology has advanced enough that the world of mental health practice can finally bring to its clientele the advantages of secure and effective technology. The way I see it, is that traditional mental health social technology and the clinical influence on human behavior meets the digital world in a way that's simply the best of both. It's nothing less than amazing to see what 2012 brings for clients of mental health services who are also fluent in online social networks and digital communications! Finally there's a reliable way to offer total access in a secure client area. Client to therapist communication is possible whenever separate or shared logins to the area occur. Nearly all of the upfront "busy work" of data gathering also can happen online, self-service style - in the comfort of home and at any hour of the day. With that "necessary stuff" out of the way it means more client/therapist interaction and that just means a step forward in improved mental health care. Secure messaging, uploading of photos, scanned drawings or computer documents, personal information, health forms, insurance requests, online journaling (private or shared), text and email appointment reminders simply await the next log in. Services still include traditional office appointments, with added online chats, and video conferencing from the secure area; it's all encrypted and password protected. This may be even more secure than the old fashioned filing cabinets, waiting room Q & A's over forms, and the carrying around of paperwork between appointments (it all necessarily still happens, of course). I just think it's really cool that this platform offers users a fully functional and interactive digitally enhanced mental health practice experience with 24 hour a day user-friendly features. And yes, I still provide face-to-face services (probably my favorite kind of work). For existing clients they can use the online technology and still meet in the office."

---- Kurt LaRose ----

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